Monday, July 21, 2008

An All Ren Faire Weekend!

This weekend we spent both Saturday and Sunday at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. When we woke up Saturday morning at 7, it was raining quite hard. (we get up at 7 every day to keep Isis on her medication schedule). We took care of the Girls and then went back to bed - hoping that the rain would let up a bit.

Today was Feast Day in the Friends of Faire Garden - rain or shine - so we were going to Faire regardless of the rain!

Feast Day is like a pot luck, but in addition to bringing your basic "dish to pass" many people also bring meat to be cooked. There are some awesome chefs in the Friends of Faire - and it's just wonderful to be there when they start bringing out hot plates of meat :) (Bob's favorite!) Some people even brought quail, salmon and of course there was a lot of beef, chicken and pork.

As we pulled up in the parking lot, the rain turned to light rain, and then later to a fine mist - eventually drying up altogether. The cloud cover stayed, but that was just fine with me as it kept the temperature down.

Sunday we returned to the Faire again, this time with Jason and Jeremy in tow. J & J are the 13 year old twins that live on our street. They love to go to Faire and we love to take them with.

Sunday was quite hot, however. By early afternoon I (Laura) decided we had time for one more show (Adam Crack - The Firewhip Show) and then we had to go. I just do not do well in the heat with humidity... ever since I was in kindergarten.

No pictures this time -- but I will take my Nikon with one day before the end of Faire....

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