Saturday, January 1, 2000

A Little About Bob

Bob has many interests! Links to his hobbies and websites are listed below. Many of these interests are shared with Laura.

There is always the fish! He favors African cichlids the most. At one time there were 25 aquariums in the house! Now it's down to 1 at the house, and 1 at his office.

He was once VERY involved with a Chicago area cichlid club - Greater Chicago Cichlid Association. He's stepped back quite a bit in order to make more time for new interests.

And as many of you know... he just LOVES to do woodworking! Bob is a person who needs to stay very busy! Once you understand that... you'll understand how he is able to work full time, yet build so many wonderful pieces of furniture for Laura. You can find a link to his projects at the end of this post!

A new interest of Bob's is collecting diecast cranes (1/50th scale). He not only collects them, but he has also been painting and customizing them for collectors all over the world now! More about that down below too!

A recent passion for both Bob and Laura has been to go to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. You can see lots more about this (and photos) on the home page.

This year at the Renaissance Faire there was a new show - Adam Crack! He's an incredible whip cracker and holds 4 world records for whip cracking. You can see a video of him in my original post on the main page:

And so... Bob became infatuated with whip cracking! He has one whip already, purchased from and made by Adam. He's got another on order from Adam, and.... now he has a new fun thing to surf for on eBay!!!

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